Oral Health: Don't Ignore Your GumsOral Health: Don't Ignore Your Gums

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Oral Health: Don't Ignore Your Gums

When you go to your dentist, you are likely concerned about cavities and the stains on your teeth. If you are like me, then you probably never thought much about your gums. Unfortunately, this caused me to form a serious gum recession condition. My dentist said that hard brushing practices, poor flossing techniques, and even the consumption of sugary foods led to the recession. After some deep scaling treatments, I was informed that I needed a gum graft procedure. The gums are extremely important to your health. They provide your teeth with the nutrients they need and they protect the sensitive dental roots. The gums even keep bacteria away from your jaw bone. Don't ignore your gums like I did. Read my blog and learn about proper oral care techniques. Prevention practices can easily save your gums from necessary restoration.

Dealing With A Toothache But Haven't Been To The Dentist In A While? What To Know

If you have tried some natural remedy to treat a toothache, and now the pain is worse and you are worried about your oral health, get to a dentist office. There are a lot of problems that could be causing the pain in your mouth, and the natural remedy you tried could have done more harm than it helped.

The pain is most likely caused by an infection, or because there is damage to the tooth. Here are a couple of things you must consider right away to treat the pain, and to make sure that your oral health and overall health aren't in jeopardy.

Treat the Infection First

If you have an infection in the gum, root of the tooth, or in the mouth, it can't be ignored. The infection can turn into a sever health hazard if it goes untreated, especially if it gets into the bloodstream.

This could cause such toxicity in the body that it could lead to death. The dentist will look to see if an infection is present, and if it is, you'll have to get an antibiotic before dental work can be done in that area. Although the antibiotic is going to treat a majority of the pain, you still need to go through with the recommended treatment of the oral health concern, or the infection and pain will just come back.

X-Ray the Mouth

You don't just want to treat the problem that is causing pain, but you want to see if there are other cavities or damages that are going to cause the same type of infection and pain in another area. With an x-ray, the dentist will see if there are other cavities or cracks that need to be treated at the time of your appointment, and they can determine what needs to be done to make your smile healthy. 

If you haven't been to the dentist in years and you are worried about going because you don't want the dentist to see how bad your teeth are, you can't let this stop you from making and appointment and making sure the pain that you have isn't dangerous. Instead, you need to get in as quickly as you can, and if the pain is so severe it's making you ill, you'll want to go to an emergency facility to get treatment. The infection will spread to other teeth if it isn't treated right away.