Oral Health: Don't Ignore Your GumsOral Health: Don't Ignore Your Gums

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Oral Health: Don't Ignore Your Gums

When you go to your dentist, you are likely concerned about cavities and the stains on your teeth. If you are like me, then you probably never thought much about your gums. Unfortunately, this caused me to form a serious gum recession condition. My dentist said that hard brushing practices, poor flossing techniques, and even the consumption of sugary foods led to the recession. After some deep scaling treatments, I was informed that I needed a gum graft procedure. The gums are extremely important to your health. They provide your teeth with the nutrients they need and they protect the sensitive dental roots. The gums even keep bacteria away from your jaw bone. Don't ignore your gums like I did. Read my blog and learn about proper oral care techniques. Prevention practices can easily save your gums from necessary restoration.

3 Keys To Selecting The Perfect General Dentist

When there's something severely wrong with your teeth, such as a chipped tooth or cavity, you need assistance from a general dentist. For the best experience and dental care, however, you don't just want to use any general dentist. You should go about selecting one of these professionals using the following tips. 

Look Into Availability 

Availability is one of the more underappreciated factors to consider when looking for the right general dentist. You'll want to find a dentist who has an open schedule and is easy to get in touch with on a regular basis. So when a dental emergency does happen, you can be seen by the dentist rather quickly.

How available a particular general dentist is depends on the number of patients they see daily. It may serve you best to choose a practice that's just starting out, when the dentist is trying to add to their clientele. You'll then have a much easier time scheduling appointments and even walking in without one.

Get Multiple Quotes 

Having dental work performed isn't always cheap. To ensure you get help from a general dentist with costs that work for your particular budget, you need to gather multiple quotes from different practices. You can do so over the phone and usually find out within minutes of what the costs are. 

After gathering several figures, you can see which practice is best for your financial situation. You can also take this time to see how payments work. Some dentists may require you to pay all at once while others may be okay with payment plans. 

Interview Dentists and Their Staff 

Although researching different dentists online lets you learn a lot, sometimes the only true way to get a feel for how they work is to interview them in person. You can then ask these dentists important questions that warrant detailed answers, such as how long they've been practicing and what types of services they provide.

In addition to talking with general dentists in person, you should interview their staff. They are what keep these practices running smoothly and will be taking care of you before and after you receive dental treatments. Make sure they're friendly and treat you with respect. Great customer service goes a long way, especially if you've never been to a dentist before.

Finding the right dentist doesn't have to be a stressful or lengthy process. As long as you research the right aspects of a general dentist's practice, you can find the perfect fit for many years to come. For more information, contact a local dentist, such as Dr. Jon Douglas Lesan, DDS, RpH, PA.