Oral Health: Don't Ignore Your GumsOral Health: Don't Ignore Your Gums

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Oral Health: Don't Ignore Your Gums

When you go to your dentist, you are likely concerned about cavities and the stains on your teeth. If you are like me, then you probably never thought much about your gums. Unfortunately, this caused me to form a serious gum recession condition. My dentist said that hard brushing practices, poor flossing techniques, and even the consumption of sugary foods led to the recession. After some deep scaling treatments, I was informed that I needed a gum graft procedure. The gums are extremely important to your health. They provide your teeth with the nutrients they need and they protect the sensitive dental roots. The gums even keep bacteria away from your jaw bone. Don't ignore your gums like I did. Read my blog and learn about proper oral care techniques. Prevention practices can easily save your gums from necessary restoration.

Recovered From A Drug Addiction And Want To Recover Your Smile Too? Tips For You

When you are in the process of recovering from a drug addiction, you begin to realize more clearly all of the damage that you have done to your overall health and well-being in all aspects of your life. However, one of the most outwardly noticeable signs of physical drug addiction damage that spans all different types of drug abuse and addiction is the problem of damaged teeth. Oral health often gets neglected when a person is addicted to drugs and the drugs themselves can cause extensive tooth damage. Read More 

Dealing With A Toothache But Haven’t Been To The Dentist In A While? What To Know

If you have tried some natural remedy to treat a toothache, and now the pain is worse and you are worried about your oral health, get to a dentist office. There are a lot of problems that could be causing the pain in your mouth, and the natural remedy you tried could have done more harm than it helped. The pain is most likely caused by an infection, or because there is damage to the tooth. Read More 

Why Braces May Help Relieve Your TMJ

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a very common problem that causes a lot of pain and discomfort in the jaw, head, and neck. If you have TMJ, you are probably well aware of the symptoms, and you might want to find out what you can do about it. There are multiple things you can do to treat this problem, and getting braces is one of the options. The following will give more information about TMJ and its treatments. Read More 

A Guide To Addressing An Overbite Or Underbite In Your Golden Years

If you have gone much of your life aware of your underbite or overbite, but never developed any actual problems from that dental challenge, it is important to note that aging can negatively impact your oral health as a senior citizen. For instance, one of the normal effects of aging is often the slow movement of your teeth within your jaw, which can make decay more likely. In addition, that movement can expose the roots of teeth or old fillings that may be more susceptible to decay. Read More 

Vegan Diet? These Foods Will Provide You with Tooth-Healthy Calcium and Vitamin D

When you think of foods that are good for your teeth, images of cheese and milk probably come to mind. Surely, these foods are good sources of both calcium and vitamin D, which your teeth need to resist decay and maintain hard enamel. But what if you're following a vegan diet? How can you get your calcium and vitamin D? Here's a look at five foods to include in your diet in order to satisfy your calcium and vitamin D needs. Read More