Oral Health: Don't Ignore Your GumsOral Health: Don't Ignore Your Gums

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Oral Health: Don't Ignore Your Gums

When you go to your dentist, you are likely concerned about cavities and the stains on your teeth. If you are like me, then you probably never thought much about your gums. Unfortunately, this caused me to form a serious gum recession condition. My dentist said that hard brushing practices, poor flossing techniques, and even the consumption of sugary foods led to the recession. After some deep scaling treatments, I was informed that I needed a gum graft procedure. The gums are extremely important to your health. They provide your teeth with the nutrients they need and they protect the sensitive dental roots. The gums even keep bacteria away from your jaw bone. Don't ignore your gums like I did. Read my blog and learn about proper oral care techniques. Prevention practices can easily save your gums from necessary restoration.

Some Tips For Transferring To A New Dentist

When you move to a new area, it is likely necessary for you to find a new dentist. This process requires a bit of time and effort on your part but can definitely be done correctly if you keep a few things in mind and follow some simple tips. Here are a couple important tips for transferring to a new dentist.

Fill Out The Paperwork Before The Appointment

The first time you go to a new dentist, you will have a good amount of paperwork that you need to fill out. This can take a great deal of time for you and can be difficult for you to try to fill out in the short amount of time before you go back to the chair for your dental appointment. This is made even more difficult if you have children with you who also need their information filled out. A great way to combat this issue altogether is to have your paperwork mailed or emailed to you beforehand. This allows you to fill everything out and then bring it with you on the day of your appointment. This eliminates this stress for you and leads to a smoother experience.

Have Your Previous Dentist's Information On Hand

It is also important that you have all of your previous dentist's information with you when you go to your new dentist. This is important because your new dentist needs all of your dental records. This is also important because it shows information about your insurance in regards to what they cover and when they cover it. For example, if your previous dentist gave you a dental x-ray in the last year, it is important that your new dentist uses this same dental x-ray. The reason why this is crucial is that most insurance companies only pay for one full dental x-ray every two years. This also gives them important information about what work you have had done on your teeth and when it was done. They may also see some information about concerning spots on your teeth that could lead to cavities or teeth with fillings that may need crowns.

Changing to a new dentist can go quite smoothly for you if you fill out all of the paperwork beforehand via mail or email and if you make sure that you have all of your previous dentist's information available for your new dentist. 

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